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Muscle Name:
a. Deltoid: - Anterior; Middle heads (3D)
(Latin name: Musculus deltoideus)
Muscle Attachments:
Origin: (proximal attachments)
a. Anterior (clavicular) head: anterior surface of the lateral clavicle.
b. Middle (acromial) head: acromion process and spine of the scapula.
Insertion: (distal attachments)
a. Deltoid tuberosity of the humerus.
Muscle Actions:
Anterior Head:
a. Flexes the arm at the (glenohumeral) shoulder joint.
b. Medially rotates the arm at the (glenohumeral) shoulder joint.
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Muscle Actions (Continued):
Middle Head:
a. Abducts the arm at the (glenohumeral) shoulder joint.
Muscle Nerve Supply:
Muscle Nerve Roots:
a. C5 and C6.
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