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Muscle: Latissimus dorsi (Musculus latissimus dorsi)
b. Rotating 3D Image of the muscle (in new tab or window).

Attachments: Origin & Insertion
Origin: (proximal attachment)
a. Spinous processes of T7 - L5 vertebrae.
b. Iliac crest of sacrum.
c. Thoracolumbar fascia.
d. Inferior angle of the scapula.
e. Lower three or four ribs.

Insertion: (distal attachment)
a. Floor of intertubercular (bicipital) groove of humerus.

a. Adducts the arm at the shoulder (glenohumeral) joint.
b. Medially rotates the arm at the shoulder (glenohumeral) joint.
c. Extends the arm at the shoulder (glenohumeral) joint.

Nerves & Nerve Roots:
a. Thoracodorsal nerve.
a. C6, C7, and C8.

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