Scott A. Sheffield MS

GBS founder, anatomy teacher

Anatomy and physiology doesn’t need to be complex. Our interactive diagrams are easy to understand. And free.

Innovating Anatomy education

GetBodySmart was founded in 1997 by Scott Sheffield (M.S. Biology). Scott is an anatomy and physiology teacher, illustrator and online content creator.

Scott started teaching in the late 70s. In times when teaching was mostly limited to blackboard, at best using colored chalk. He constantly found ways to push the boundaries of conventional anatomy teaching (and college politics!). 

During his years of teaching anatomy and physiology, he developed and refined a catalog of illustrations and diagrams that helped his teaching. Scott realized that it was those diagrams specifically that simplify how his students grapple with concepts and understand them better. With the rise of personal computers in the 80s and later the Internet in the mid 90s, Scott seized its potential as an interactive medium to educate students all around the world. 

His students could access his learning materials from multiple places and review materials for their exams without having to go to class or wait for him to explain things to them. It was a big success.

As a full-time instructor of anatomy and physiology at the University of Puget Sound, Scott was awarded for his dedication and love towards teaching students from all over the world. He received specialized training in immunology, parasitology, electron microscopy and web design at Arizona State University, the University of Oregon and Washington State University.

Over 20 years of experience in teaching Anatomy & Physiology finally led Scott to create GetBodySmart. It started running on the computer in Scott’s office, and gradually became so popular that his computer couldn’t handle the load. Scott’s website was then officially adopted by McGraw Hill as one of their first online learning resources. 

Teaching the world

GetBodySmart represents an attempt to create a fully animated and interactive website that explains the human body in a simple and fun way.

We invite all interested teachers, students, healthcare professions, and others to use the free tutorials and quizzes in GetBodySmart. We are sure that it will help explain the body’s complex physiological interactions and illustrate its important anatomical landmarks.

After 20 years of running GetBodySmart on his own, Scott trusted the anatomy experts of Kenhub with the further curation and development of the platform. Additional content, modern visuals and a highly responsive website are the fruits of their collaboration. 

We help millions of people understand the human body better and we can’t wait for you to join. 

Let’s GetBodySmart! 🙂