Location and Functions of the Larynx

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The image descriptionlarynx is a short (= 1.5 inch) tube that is located in the throat, inferior to the image descriptionhyoid bone  and image descriptiontongue  and anterior to the image descriptionesophagus.

A midsagittal view of the head and neck
A midsagittal view with label: Larynx
A midsagittal view with label: Hyoid bone
A midsagittal view with label: Tongue
A midsagittal view with label: Esophagus
  • Forming the larynx are nine (9) supportive cartilages, several intrinsic and extrinsic muscles, and a mucous membrane lining.
  • As a primary function, the larynx provides a carefully guarded air passageway (See the GIF below)  between the pharynx and the trachea.

  • During the swallowing process, movements of the cartilages close the entrance to the larynx so food and drink cannot enter.
  • The larynx also houses the vocal folds and ligaments that produce the voice sounds.

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An Overview of the Location and Functions of the Larynx:

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