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Hip Bone Anatomy – Introduction

  • Each os coxa bone (hip bone) is made up of image descriptionthree bones, which fuse during early adult-hood.
Hip Bone
Hip Bone - labeled
  • The ilium bone forms the superior portion of the os coxa, the ischium bone the lower posterior portion, and the pubic bone (pubis) the lower anterior portion.
  • Three articulation (joint) sites are found on each os coxa.
  • The two os coxae meet anteriorly at the pubic image descriptionsymphysis joint and converge posteriorly with the sacrum at the image descriptionsacroiliac joints. Laterally, deep sockets called acetabula accept the heads of the femurs to form the image descriptionhip joints.
Hip Bone - Introduction - Joints 1
Hip Bone - Introduction - Joints 2
Hip Bone - Introduction - Joints 3
  • Together, the right and left os coxae form the pelvic girdle. Together, the pelvic girdle, sacrum, and coccyx (final 3-5 vertebrae) make up a ring of bones called the pelvis (bony pelvis).
  • The bony pelvis protects the soft organs of pelvic cavity (bladder, lower colon, rectum, and reproductive organs).
  • It also provides attachment points for many muscles that control the movements of the back, abdomen, and femur bones.